kindred: supporting organisations in becoming responsible.

ensure your supply chains are free of forced labor

my personal commitment

It’s my belief that profitability and sustainability are not at odds, but need to complement each other in an interconnected world that faces complex challenges from rapid change in technology and regulations to shifting consumer expectations, particularly affecting supply chains.

There is no straightforward answer to the complex issues we are facing. They need a tailored approach I can help you build – be it via dedicated engagements or in the role of a fractional Chief Sustainability Officer.

Sustainability means doing business and ensuring that the planet, consumers, and companies are here to stay. I believe in businesses that can make the world a better place. Sustainability should be everyone’s business because our future depends on how well we incorporate it into our daily work.

Having lived with locals in Cameroon and Indonesia changed my life: the gaping lack of environmental management system and labour rights infringements clearly demonstrated the urgent need for lasting supply chain solutions. My journey led me from environmental management to working in certification, and gaining an increasingly deeper understanding of the big picture of our sustainability challenges.

As a corporate sustainability consultant, I have designed waste management programs for communities in Italy, helped brands in Romania and Slovenia to develop sustainable packaging solutions, developed a decarbonization library for UK SMEs, worked with a number of Irish SMEs on their Net Zero journey, got a Norwegian fashion brand certified for OEKO TEX Responsible Business, and worked as the national expert on supply chain due diligence risk.

I will help you understand, measure, and report on your company's impact.

I am here to support you in structuring and,
if necessary, redesigning your processes to effectively address challenges in alignment with both your company's objectives and related standards and regulations.

you become more competitive on the market with a sustainable product

through double materiality assessment, benchmarking, and sustainability reporting that aligns with GRI, SASB, and TCFD

do you need materiality assesment and a sustainability report that aligns with GRI, SASB, and TCFD
through supply chain mapping and supply chain due diligence ensure supply chains are free of forced labour and environmental harm

that includes sustainability performance evaluation and supply chain mapping to ensure they are free of forced labour and environmental harm

to measure your company's impact, set emission reduction targets, and track your progress

measure your GHG emissions and understand carbon footprint of your company
how to develop climate strategy that is aligned with your sustainability strategy

through benchmarking, stakeholder engagement, and goal-setting

through gap assessment and action plan development for B Corp and OEKO-TEX Responsible Business certifications

OEKO TEX respobsible business B Corp or other certifications


Ana is hard worker, completely self-sustained person, but highly valuable also as a team member, if needed. In addition, she has high ethical values both for people and environment. And she will always try to make something better.

J. C. Isailovic, Coordinator of a Specialist Group at IUCN

Ana is a great professional and knows her thing. I will work with her again.

G. De Paula, CEO

Ana delivered good work on the sustainability questionnaires and I enjoyed working with her. Her communication was top-notch, she met all deadlines, and her skills were strong. I enjoyed working with Ana and will likely have additional jobs for her in the future.

P. Kumar, Operations Manager

Ana is great to work with and I recommend her very highly.

D. Hannick, Advisor

Ana is an incredible self reliant go getter!! She brought incredible knowledge and passion to the project and worked tirelessly without prompts. She had incredible communication and made sure I was aware with what was going on every step of the way. I will most definitely be hiring Ana again in the future. A++++++++

C. Hacon, CEO

Ana supported us with the preparation of the ESG report and with the code of ethics. What to say? A great consultant, super skilled, with top skills, precise on deadlines, and on communication. Best in class.

G. Sica, Executive President